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Love Is in the Air

A comprehensive guide to the Valentine’s Day “I do.”

The day of love comes in an array of flowers, chocolate-covered strawberries, cards, a dinner date, and *maybe* a ring. For those newly engaged who want to make Valentine’s Day their special day, creating the perfect wedding may require a lot of sifting through tacky Pinterest boards. A Valentine’s Day wedding done right can be one of the most romantic and elegant themes. If you’re considering February 14 for your date, check out our wedding guide to all things Valentine’s.

The Color Palette

Don’t feel confined to the cherry red usually associated with V-day. Bring the look of love to your wedding with a color palette of nontraditional reds. Include deeper hues with purple or maroon undertones. These deep shades are best complemented with pale pinks or off whites alongside mossy greenery.

The Florals

Roses are red; violets are blue…let’s just stop here because roses are out. Dried flowers have begun to make a stunning appearance in the wedding circuit. Virtually any flower can be dried out, adding a vintage vibe reminiscent of the Victorian era – and no, this is not your mom’s potpourri.

The Cake 

Fruit is popularly used as a decorative and flavorful element. Sugar-coated fruit or fruit detailed with metallic accents of gold and silver will add color and texture while taking your cake to the next level. For maximum detail, create a hand-painted design. Soft brush strokes will add a romantic and impressive effect.


Two words. Color. Powder. Bright bursts of color powder incorporated into your wedding photos are both unique and beautiful. The color powder lingers in the air, so catching the shot is easy.


Despite it being your day, your bridesmaids are part of the celebration, and you want them to feel as comfortable as possible. Let’s face it, there is no single dress that will flatter every body type. Use your color palette to curate each bridesmaid’s dress in a different style.

Food and Beverage

Carry the theme through the cocktail hour with subtly themed appetizers. This means no heart-shaped fruit or charcuterie displays and definitely no heart-shaped sprinkles. If you’re even tempted to sprinkle, remember, a light dusting of powdered sugar is often an elegant solution.

Show off your personality with a signature cocktail. Are you sassy and sweet? Consider incorporating your favorite candy. We’re currently obsessed with cotton candy cocktails.

For a chicer gal, Chambord and champagne is a must. This classic cocktail is always an elegant addition to any reception. If you can’t decide, a champagne bar can give your guests the option to personalize their cocktails and you the freedom to sip both.

Fran’s finds: Consider a second dress for your reception. A quick wardrobe change will keep your wedding dress pristine. Plus, you get to buy a second dress. It’s as much your wedding dress’s day as it is yours, so choose a reception dress from your color palette –  you know, out of respect.

Check out our Valentine’s Day Pinterest board to see how you can use these ideas for your wedding!

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