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Historic Senior Hall

100 Waugh Street Columbia, MO 65215

The Recital Hall is a great location to host your seminars, presentations, and intimate social events. The hall's 19th century decor, piano, hardwood stage, and the soft natural light from the floor-to-ceiling windows all work together to create a pleasant atmosphere for both formal gatherings and relaxed conversation.
Tucked away in a peaceful corner of the Stephens College campus, the Boardroom is perfect for meetings and presentations. Seating 24 individuals, this space will serve splendidly as the ideal central hub for retreats or brainstorming sessions.
The elegant Parlor rooms provide a fantastic space for you and your colleagues to take intermissions between presentations, brainstorm together during break-out sessions, or meet and greet one another before the event begins.

Senior Hall Recital Hall and Parlors
$1100 (Saturday)
$900 (Sunday-Friday)
*Non-profit discounts are available
*Holiday pricing may apply

Senior Hall Boardroom
$250 (Saturday)
$200 (Sunday - Friday)
*Non-profit discounts are available
*Holiday pricing may apply